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With unique vision and attention to the details (tone, style, cinematography, performance, production design), we transform screenplays into films that move audiences. We also enjoy partnering with other talented directors.



Striking a balance between the creative and logistical, we handle every stage of production with efficiency and flexibility, incl. budgeting, script breakdowns, on-set producing, post-production, VFX supervision, and delivery.



The heart of what we do is storytelling, and the quality of any movie or series is dependent on the strength of the writing. We are passionate about exploring a variety of stories, characters, themes, and ideas in all genres of filmmaking. 



Our casts have included Golden Globe and Oscar winners. Fireshoe owners Hallie Shepherd and Eric Colley are actors themselves, and when it’s right for the project, they love being both in front of and behind the camera.



A film first takes shape on the page, then it comes to life on set, and finally it finds its rhythm in the editing room. We edit films and trailers in-house, and we also enjoy working with other great editors in the industry.



We fulfill many other production elements in-house and with our regular team of collaborators, including coloring, visual effects, practical creature design, sound design, and composing. We are always open to new teammates!

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