Equipment For Sale and/or Free


Check out some equipment we have for sale and/or for free! 



What We Have Available

1K/2K Mole Richardson Light

$200 Each

QTY 2 – Mole Richardson light – TYPE 412 – Junior Solarspot.  These were both professionally converted to use 110 power and works with a 1K or 2K bulb.  Great lights.  Fresnel.  Barndoors included.

Small HD Monitor – DP1

Make Offer (open to any offer)

Small HD Monitor DP1.

Sony DXC-3000A – 3CCD with TV lens

Make Offer (open to any offer)

Old classic video camera.  Not sure if it works.  Includes the lens.  We used it as a prop for a news team.

2 VMOUNT Batteries and Charger – not working


Not sure if the charger is bad or the batteries are but I couldn’t get these to work and ended up getting them to replace via warranty.  Maybe you can use them, fix them, or whatever.

19″ monitor ACER

MAKE OFFER (open to any offer)

ACER monitor.  You can google the model#.

Handheld Stabilizer for smaller cameras (dslr, etc.)

MAKE OFFER (open to any offer)

Nice little stabilizer that you can adjust to your shoulder and arm length.

MBOX2 sound box

MAKE OFFER (open to any offer)

light bulb – i think 2k watt


Not sure what this goes to or if it’s good.  It was leftover from one of our film shoots.

Motorized Turntable

Make Offer (open to any offer)

This is a slow moving turntable that is homemade. Works great for product work, etc. Just throw whatever cloth you want on there and plug it in.


Make Offer

A couple leftover gel rolls from a shoot.

Entertainment Cabinets

$50 for both

Great 2 pieces that go on each side of your tv setup to hold equipment, stereo, speakers, media, etc. Well made and solid. Originally paid $2500 at a custom wood furniture store. $50 Measurements: Width Top 27.25” Middle 24.5” Bottom 25.25” Depth Top 19.25” Middle 16.5” Bottom 17.2” Height 60.75”

JVC TM-910SU Monitor

Make Offer

JVC studio or onsite monitor.

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