If you need us to assist you with only part of your project, we can be a piece of the bigger puzzle, accomplishing a single production element to correspond with your already existing elements. We are ready to collaborate with you.



What We Offer


Development, packaging, line producing, budgeting, casting/actor attachments


Film & TV, music videos, and commercials; storyboarding and story development


Screenwriting, treatments, script analysis & consultation, story development


Film & TV, teasers, trailers, promo spots, BTS interviews & featurettes

Acting & Casting

On-camera acting, voice-over, casting resources, and actor attachments

Post Services

Management, coloring, VFX, titles, compositing, sound, composing, & music

Crew Services

All depts: camera, G & E, sound, production, AD, art, still photography, & more

Art & Locations

Custom-built props and set design; location resources (esp. Pacific NW)

Creature Design

Bigfoot and other creatures & monsters, custom-designed to fit your vision

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